All of us at Positive Learning Experiences want to congratulate Sara on becoming the Assistant Director of the Learning Center! She has an incredible passion for what we do and we love her so much!


Sign Up for a SAT or ACT Package!

If you sign up for one of the SAT or ACT packages, you’ll receive 2 free coaching sessions with Coach Candace! Please contact us at today!

ADHD Coaching Does Have Benefits!

Please go to our youtube channel and our Facebook page to watch a great clip of one of our clients telling you how ADHD Coaching has benefitted him!

Policies Regarding School Closings/Inclement Weather


We wanted to let you know about our policies for when schools are closed and if there is inclement weather, as winter is approaching!

When schools are closed, we are still open! Even though your child has the day off, they still come in for coaching and tutoring with us. If schools are closed for inclement weather, we’re still open! If your child isn’t able to make the session, we can come to your house and we can Skype with them! We don’t want to lose the momentum we’ve been building with your child, so we’re still open and still working!

If you have questions, please contact us! Thanks!


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